Our cases are made of the most durable material in the industry. Our clear cases feature a hard plastic back that has a protective clear layer applied on top of your design to improve durability and scratch resistance.  The top, bottom and sides of the case feature a highly durable bumper for shock resistance.


The most important part of the case is the "lip", which all of our cases have.  This part of the case is what extends out from the phone on the front and provides protection to your devices screen. Without a lip on your case you are much more likely to break your screen with a drop to a hard surface.  A good test is to see if your phone screen touches the surface when laying it flat on a table.


At Clearly Cased we go one step above and add a lip to the bottom of your phone to protect your phone camera. This is much more important on newer devices like the iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus that have a camera that extends out from the phone. In addition to protecting your camera it also protects your case and design from being scratched.

Screen protection